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Veterans Affairs Announces $36 Million in Grants for Homeless Programs

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
The grants are part of Veterans Affairs continuing efforts to reduce homelessness among veterans.

Homeless veterans in 35 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will get more assistance, thanks to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) grants providing $36.7 million to community groups to create 1,526 beds for homeless veterans this year.

“These grants provide a helping hand to veterans who have served our nation in uniform,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. James B. Peake. "Our partnerships with community-based organizations provide safe, temporary housing while these veterans return to productive lives.”

VA has identified public and community non-profit groups eligible to receive payments for housing and supportive services to homeless veterans, including 49 grants for vans that will transport homeless veterans to health care and training programs.

The grants are part of VA’s continuing efforts to reduce homelessness among veterans. VA has the largest integrated network of homeless assistance programs in the country.  In many cities and rural areas, VA social workers and other clinicians working with community and faith-based partners conduct extensive outreach programs, clinical assessments, medical treatments, alcohol and drug abuse counseling and employment assistance.

VA’s Grant and Per Diem program helped reduce the number of veterans who are homeless on a typical night last year by 21 percent to about 154,000 veterans.VA also provides health care to about 100,000 homeless veterans, compensation and assistance in obtaining foreclosed homes and excess federal property, including clothes, footwear, blankets and other items.

More information about VA’s homeless programs is available on the Internet at http://www.va.gov/homeless.  A list of recipients is attached.

Recipients of VA Grants for Homeless Veterans


 State  City  Recipients  Amount  Program
 Alabama Huntsville Volunteers of America, North America  $514,475 50 beds
 Arizonia Tucson Tucson Comin’ Home  $18,686 One van
  Tucson Old Pueblo Community Foundation  $270,000 2 beds
 California Bakersfield Calif. Veterans Assistance Foundation  $19,500 One van
  Desert Hot Springs Help for Future Leaders  $8,872 One van
  Dixon Fairfield-Suison Community Action Council  $332,150

12 beds, one van

  Fresno WestCare California  $338,650 20 beds, one van
  Stockton Dignity’s Alcove  $377,793 Renovation, one van, 20 beds
  Los Angeles New Directions  $61,425 Renovation, six beds
  Modesto Salvation Army, California Corp  $250,250 Renovation, 20 beds
  Los Angeles Volunteers of America, Los Angeles  $317,450 25 beds for frail elderly
  San Bernadino Salvation Army, California Corp  $150,0000 New construction, five beds
  Wittier Salvation Army, California Corp  $150,000 New construction, four beds
 Colorado Greeley Catholic Charities, Diocese of Denver   $384,709 New construction, 13 beds, one van
 Connecticut Danbury Non-Profit Development Corp of Danbury  $262,925 Renovation, six beds
  East Hartford Community Renewal Team  $363,590 Renovation, 12 beds
District of Columbia Washington All Faith Consortium  $22,425 One van


Recipients of Homeless Grants 2/2/2/2


 State  City  Recipients  Amount  Program
 Florida Cocoa Volunteers of America of Florida  $18,252  One van
  Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Keystone Halls  $260,650  25 beds, one van
  Gainesville Alachua County Housing Authority  $1,995,500  New bldg, 112 beds
  Key West Volunteers of America of Florida  $18,252  One van
  Kissimmee Transition House  $18,850  One van
  Orlando Center for Drug Free Living  $997,977  32 beds
  Miami Volunteers of America of Florida  $18,252  One van
  Tallahassee Volunteers of America of Florida   $1,021,900  New bldg, 52 beds
  Tallahassee Volunteers of America of Florida   $18,252  One van
  Tampa Tampa Crossroads  $343,499  Renovation, 16 beds, one van
 Iowa Des Moines 180 Degrees  $64,665  Renovation, 9 beds
 Illinois Joliet Family & Friends Day Center  $283,729  New bldg, 20 beds, one van
  Springfield Fifth Street Renaissance  $546,00 New bldg, 15 beds
 Indiana Fort Wayne Volunteers of America of Indiana  $11,989  One van
  Indianapolis HealthNet  $14,146  One van
 Kanasas Summerfield Care Center of Good Shepherd  $21,519  One van
Louisiana Shreveport Volunteers of American of North Louisiana  $1,009,069  New bldg, 56 beds 


Recipients of Homeless Grants 3/3/3/3


 State City  Recipients  Amount  Program 
Massachusetts Boston  Volunteers of America of Massachusetts $63,729 Renovation, 16 beds 
  Brockton Father Bill's & Mainspring $400,000 New Construction, 15 Beds
  Gardner  Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center $14,755 One Van 
  Leeds, Pittsfield  United Veterans of America, Soldier On  $34,798 One Van 
  Lynn  Volunteers of America of Massachusetts $1,107,517 Renovation,  16 beds
  Shrewbury  Massachusetts Veterans $1,503,055   New bldg, 30 beds
Maine  Saco  Volunteers of America, Northern New England $17,875   One van
Maryland  TBD  Arundel House of Hope $341,250 New bldg,6 beds, one van 
  Baltimore  Baltimore Station $1,326,468  New bldg, 40 beds 
  Hagerstown  Way Station $1,600,000  New bldg, 27 beds 
Michigan Detroit  Salvation Army $800,000 New bldg, 38 beds
  Detroit  Volunteers of America of Michigan $1,531,734  New bldg, 60 beds 
Montana  Saint Louis  2nd Genesis Group Home & Community Center $176,459  Renovation, 30 beds, one van  
  Billings  Volunteers of America, Wyoming & Montana $1,320,540  New bldg, 20 beds, one van 
  Crow Agency  Crow Tribe  $765,390  New bldg, 20 beds, one van 
  Missoula  Missoula Housing Authority   $14,745  One van 


Recipients of Homeless Grants 4/4/4/4


 State City  Recipents  Amount  Program 
Nebraska Omaha  Christian Worship Center  $1,891,905  New bldg, 26 beds 
New Hampshire Nashua  Harbor Homes   $26,942  One van 
  Nashua, Manchester Harbor Homes   $1,200,000  New construction, 40 beds 
  Nashua, Manchester  Harbor Homes   $26,942  One van 
New Jersey  Bernards Township Community Hope   $21,044  One van 
  Camden  Volunteers of America, Delaware Valley   
Renovation, 28 beds 
  East Orange  Restoration Outreach Christian Kare Center  $926,250  New bldg, 40 beds 
New Mexico   Alberquerque  Metropolitian Homlessness Project  $32,500  One van 
New York   Brooklyn  Doe Fund  $23,976  One van 
  Long Island City  City of New York  $1,090,500  Renovation, 226 beds, one van 
  Rochester   Veterans Outreach Center  $15,264  One van 
North Carolina High Point   Caring Services  $19,505  One van 
  Ridgecrest  First at Blue Ridge  $21,434  One van 
 Ohio Cleveland Hitchcock Center for Women  $1,973  Renovation, 3 beds 
  Kent  Family and Community Services  $25,917  One van 
 Pennslyvania Coatesville  Fresh Start Foundation  $21,840  One van 
  Harrisburg  Shalom House   $194,987  New bldg, 8 beds 
 Puerto Rico Hormingas  Veteran Homestead   $20,625  One van 
 Rhode Island Providence Operation Stand Down, Rhode Island $300,300  New bldg, 6 beds, one van


Recipients of Homeless Grants 5/5/5/5


 State City  Recipients  Amount  Program 
South Carolina Alcolu  Have Faith Community Development  $282,637  New construction, 14 beds, one van
  Charleston Crisis Ministries  $166,910  Renovation, 10 beds
  Columbia  Providence Home  $78,033  New construction, 11 beds 
  North Charleston Good Neighbor Center  $542,100  Renovation, 14 beds, one van 
  North Charleston  Chesapeake Health Education Program $422,500  New bldg, 20 beds 
 Tennesee Clarksville Buffalo Valley  $19,937  Renovation, six beds 
  Nashville Campus for Human Development $487,460  New bldg, 25 beds 
  Nashville  Next Stage  $332,800  Renovation, 25 beds 
 Texas Fort Worth  Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County  $600,000  Renovation, 30 beds 
 Utah Ogden  Homeless Veterans Fellowship  $113,607  New bldg, eight beds 
 Virginia Newport News  Malachi House International  $201,500  New bldg, 10 beds 
 Vermont Burlington  Committee on Temporary Shelter  $1,240,000  New bldg, 20 beds 
  Northfield  Veteran's Place  $771,174  Renovation, 26 beds, one van
  White River Junction  Massachusetts Veterans  $442,000  New bldg, 10 beds, one van 
 Washington Renton  Compass Center  $2,000,000  New bldg, 36 beds 
  Spokane  Volunteers of America of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho  $24,700  Renovation, six beds 
 Wisconsin Madison Porchlight $240,630  Renovation, 22 beds 
  Tomah   Veterans Assistance Foundation $35,100  Two vans 
Wyoming Sheridan Volunteers of America, Wyoming and Montana $636,637  New bldg, 10 beds, one van